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Rainbow is a coming-of-age queer love story with a Love Jones kind of vibe. It’s the first of many queer black novellas by the author Verde Arzu.

Sports Romance
Cover Design: Tara Mixon


Taylor has room for exactly two things in her life: improving her performance as a college basketball player and maintaining the grades she needs to stay on the team and someday play in the WNBA. But when she meets the beautiful and confident Melony, Taylor’s whole way of life is called into question. 

This is definitely Love and Basketball (Dir. Gina Prince-Blythewood, 2000).

There are huge differences between the movie and Rainbow, such as they are not childhood friends, they are not heterosexuals, and Melony does not play basketball. (laugh) What they have in common is that I love both of these titles and I do not like basketball. (laugh)

I wish another cover had been done because I am picturing a basketball in a bed with rumpled sheets, lace panties, and a pair of basketball shorts crumpled on them. Though I would not say no to two ladies in the sheets with these items on the bed too. I think more readers would realize that this is a New Adult Romance with a different cover.

Verde Arzu writes a difficult coming out story for Taylor as she is just trying to succeed on her own merit without fighting anymore obstacles than she already is. I love Taylor. I am withholding an opinion on Melony…let me know how you feel about her after you read the story. 

This is a great romance as it showcases love, dedication, and drive plus the struggle in-between as to what is important to fight for at the end of the day. Arzu does not take any shortcuts and does not give any easy answers. This is a HFN story, so no worries about a sad ending. 

I look forward to reading the next book by Verde Arzu, she’s on my author read list.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.