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Rainbow  Review

By: Rajiv

Rainbow is a short and sweet story about accepting yourself and finding love, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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The highlight of the story is in the characters. Taylor is the star of the show. I loved her from the first page and could relate to whatever she went through. It is always a challenge to accept yourself and come out when you are part of a group and on the limelight. The author writes the emotions of the characters very well that you can connect to. Melony is also interesting and I felt for her too. It is not easy being in the receiving end, and I thought the characters were portrayed realistically. Moreover, Taylor and Melony are so good together. I loved the way they meet up for movie dates and get to know each other.

However, I really wished the story was bigger and detailed. I loved reading the story but felt it just went by so quickly. It would have been nice to add more details like how everyone in the team reacted to Taylor. Also, maybe I missed it, but I would have liked to see Taylor’s family reaction to her coming out. Also, I really liked Reggie as a character, even if she appeared for only one or two scenes. It would have been nice to see her be more prominent in the story.

Other than that, this was a beautiful short love story that is worth reading.