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I really enjoyed how Rainbow was written, it kept the book flowing so well that I managed to read this in one sitting. Verde Arzu is an exceptionally great author who really knows how to engage her audience with her words.

This book is about two college students who meet during a trip organised by their black student union from college to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Million Man March. It’s about self-acceptance and finding themselves on a path to start a relationship together. I loved how realistic this story was and enjoyed learning about Taylor and Melony, and following them on their journey together.

I thought the cute drawings and passages of a poem at the end of each chapter was a really lovely touch to this novella. Also, I liked how each chapter was divided my basketball play, which you soon come to realise that basketball is a big part of Taylor’s story.

I understand that this is a novella, however I wish Rainbow was a longer story, as there were times throughout reading it that I thought that happened a little too fast or that I wish they’d go into more detail in some parts, especially the intimate scenes between Taylor and Melony, there’s something so beautiful when an author describes intimate scenes in detail.

This queer novella had a really insightful look into the struggles that some LGBTQ+ women go through when they find themselves, but are afraid of what others will say, react or the actions that they will take against them. I find this really saddening to know that so many people around the world go through this time in their lives where people are still not accepting towards them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novella and shall definitely be keeping an eye out for more of Arzu’s material in the future!