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3.5☆ A Compelling YA LGBTQ Love Story

Taylor and Melony had a connection the minute they sat next to each other on the school bus.

Taylor knew she liked Melony, so why did she find it so hard to tell her she was gay and attracted to her.

But Melony already knew, so that night they shared their first kiss, the passion just felt right.
If only Taylor would let her guard down and commit her actual feelings to Melony instead of hiding and making Melony feel

like just a hook up, and when Taylor could fit her in.

You see Taylor ate, slept and breathed basketball. Her goal was to become the very best, train all the time, and she had no room in her life for distractions, especially ones that made her feel the way Melony made her feel!

But Taylor just can’t commit to Melony the way she wants her to.
Can Taylor let her guard down and admit her feelings to herself or is it all too late?

At first I really enjoyed this heartwarming coming of age/ coming out love story, and I enjoyed watching Taylor grow as a person.
But then the story sort of hit a bump for me and it felt rushed to the end.
Yes the story was tied up nicely, but it felt like because this was a Novella not enough went into finishing the story.
There was so much more that could of been developed, which was a shame as I wanted more.

The characters were as I expected, complex, a little frustrating at times but well written.
Overall Rainbow is a compelling and endearing love story, that deals with teenage angst, first love, coming out, self acceptance, self discovery, secrets and juggling life, sport and love.
A great Novella, I just wish it was longer as I wanted more. Definitely looking forward to reading more from Verde Arzu.